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Josh did a killer job building out the East End site. His implementation was perfect, fast, and well beyond our high expectations. He has a knack for explaining highly technical challenges in easily understood terms, and I’m always more than happy to put him in front of any of my clients.

– Megan Gray

Sometimes the simplest sites need the most attention to detail.

Megan Gray came to me with a complete overhaul of a site built to promote a growing neighborhood in Southern California. The existing site was flat files with a fairly antiquated design. This part of the city was growing, looking better, and attracting attention and they wanted their site to reflect that.

We took inventory of the current site and went through a number of different iterations on how the information should be presented. The site was one part promotional – talking about the new businesses and events – and one part informational – site visitors on their phones looking for things to do nearby.

eastend-mobile-homeThe design ended up, well, fantastic so the code had to be the same. While the site is simple, it needed to be fast and responsive because the audience was expected to be primarily mobile. I used Sass along with a number of breakpoints to make sure that all devices had a great experience.

A few highlights:

  • The homepage is a single page but the mobile version is completely different. We wanted an easy way to guide people to the important places – the directory of businesses, the listing of events, and how to find it.
  • The directory┬ápage (my favorite) is managed in the admin with a custom post type that keeps track of external links and photos. The page is filtered on-page quickly with a single click on the business type. The grid of linked images uses a number of CSS techniques to stay totally fluid from huge to tiny.
  • The events page uses The Events Calendar from Tribe with a custom theme on top.

More images on Megan’s site here.

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