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I write here, there, and everywhere!

The last few months have seen posts of mine popping up in  a few different places and I wanted to give them a bit more attention.

I do contract work for a unique online publishing group called Social Media Today and have my posts published there from time to time. A lot of it comes straight from this blog but there are one or two original posts listed as well. The community is great it’s really the only place I find that can sanely keep you up-to-date on social media.

I’m part of a unique custom publishing and community building group called ShinShinChez. I am, of course, their tech guy (they call me the CTO to make me feel better) but I also assist with marketing and content generation. We just recently launched a blog and I wrote the inaugural post as well as a little something about cash mobs, a concept that I find fascinating.

ShinShinChez runs a blog called “farmers, cooks, eaters” that publishes posts on sustainable food sources and positive eating choices, which I contribute to occasionally. I wrote a longish piece on vegetable sandwiches and how I learned to love them. I know that sounds dry but I thought the same about the sandwich in question. I also piece together links from the rest of the group to create “what we’re reading” posts of curated information.

I also write guest posts for HostJury, a nice group of folks who write about general web stuff and collect reviews for hosting companies. I wrote a piece on the problem with loopholes and shortcuts and another one, more recently, about how doing things the “right” way online should also equate to doing things the easy way.

Finally, I wrote a little something that got a blip of attention on Quora about choosing a CMS and when it doesn’t make sense. It’s a bit technical but, in my opinion, an important post. Developing on a CMS saves time if you (a) know what you’re getting into (b) understand the CMS well and (c) make time to educate your clients.

Thanks for reading!

Authored by: Josh

Josh Cunningham is a life-time geek with a passion for creating great things on-line using standards-compliant, modern techniques and open source software. Josh spent the first 6 years of his career supporting, teaching and documenting mobile technology before moving out of state to pursue a degree in chemistry. He came to his senses before graduating, however, and starting learning WordPress and front-end engineering, building up a client base before he had received his degree. For the last 6 years, Josh has been teaching, learning, designing, building, and writing about the web.

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