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I have been creating products, both free and paid, for close to 4 years now. In April of 2014, I decided to try and make this my main source of income for 2015 and beyond. I was selling two themes on two different domains and I wanted to create a place where all my development work could be shown, sold, and donated to.

Working furiously for 3 weeks (and then another week after a pause to attend CodeFellows), I wire-framed and built a site where I would be proud to display what I’ve made. A complete write-up on the process and the software used is here.

This site houses all of my products and thoughts on technical “stuff” called “PROPER Web Development.” I call this site my “dev persona,” in comparison to this site which is more about strategy and agency. The main goal of the site was to get off of ejunkie (digital product distribution system, post on that coming soon) and get everything all under one roof. I wrote about how the site came together here.

About a year later, I was looking at the site and thought “man, this thing needs a refresh.” The in-browser design I came up with was fine but it was growing tired and felt too plain. I also had been compiling a huge list of changes I wanted to make to the site, many of which were aesthetic, and a major one, make the site responsive and easier to navigate on a phone.

On a whim, I tore the whole stylesheet apart, converted from Less to Sass, and made the whole thing responsive. I made very very template changes, concentrating on the various actions I wanted visitors to take and the overall feel of the site. Highlights are:


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