Inserting an Image Into Your Content

Inserting an image into your page, post, or custom content is simple. WordPress provides lots of built-in tools for resizing and adding additional supportive content like captions and alt text.

Step 1: Click “Upload/Insert” above the editor

This will open a window that lets you do a few things:

To insert an image you’ve already uploaded:

  1. Select the Media Library tab
  2. Find the image you’d like (thumbnails are on the left and there is a pager at the top to leaf through all images you’ve ever uplaoded)
  3. Click the Show link on the right

To upload a new image:

  1. Stay on the From Computer tab
  2. Either click Select Files to find the image you’d like to upload from your computer or drag it straight from from file system window and onto the box. Tip: you can select or drag multiple images
  3. Wait for the image(s) to upload and, if you uploaded multiple, click the Show link for the image you’d like to insert

Step 2: Add supportive content

  • “Title” and “Description” are not shown on the site typically but can help you find your images in the file system.
  • “Caption” is the text that will appear beneath the image on your website. If you’re on WordPress 3.4 or higher, this field can use HTML. Otherwise, it needs to be plain text.
  • “Alt text” is used by search engines and screen readers to determine what the image is about. Use this field to describe the image accurately.

Step 3: Select options

  1. “Link URL” can be used to link the image somewhere. Make sure to click None if you don’t want this image to be linked (or aren’t sure). File URL will link the image directly to the image file and Attachment URL will link it to a special WordPress page that just displays the image.
  2. “Alignment” options are:
    • “None” – leave the image in-line with the text
    • “Left” – align the image left and wrap the text to the right
    • “None” – center the image on its own line with no text wrapping
    • “Right” – align the image right and wrap the text to the left
  3. “Size” options are shown with their respective sizes. Content images should be between 40 and around 600 in width so select an appropriate size based on your website layout and image alignment

 Step 4: Insert!

Now, just click the Insert into Post button and the image will appear as desired.

  • To change options, just click on the image, then the Edit Image button on the left
  • You can drag the image to a new location or set the alignment using the post editor buttons
  • To resize, just click the image and drag one of the corners