Working with Menus

The Menu functionality in WordPress is a simple and easy way to create and manage navigation for users. Menus can be added to the site using Widgets or it can be built into the site by the theme developer. Either way, managing the links here is fairly straight-forward.

The best place to start for learning how to work with WordPress menus is on the WordPress Codex page on menus. The process to create new menus is simple:

  1. In the WP admin, go to Appearance, then Menus
  2. In the wide column on the right, click the “+” button to create a new menu
  3. Enter a name in the “Menu Name” field and click the Create Menu button
  4. On the left, you can add menu items in 3 ways:
    1. Add a “Custom Link” to any page on the web by entering a complete, valid URL and a “Label” (the text that will appear). If you want to link to a post on your site, you’ll need to use this function
    2. Add a link to any existing page on the site by using the “Pages” box; if you don’t see the page you want, you either need to click the View All tab or the page is not published. Just put a check next to the page you want and click Add to Menu
    3. You can also add links to “Categories” by using the box by the same name
  5. You can make the menu display on the site in, potentially, 2 different ways
    1. If your site has menu locations built in, look for the “Theme Locations” box on the left of the menus page. Under one of the location names, select the menu you just created and click Save
    2. Otherwise, you can add menus as a widget in Appearance > Widgets. Just move the widget into place and select the menu you’d like to appear.