I have had 3 very strange coincidences happen in the last month. I’m not sure what to make of them so I thought I’d share.

– I was working on a website component that pulled in news from Google News. I used the keyword “Lamborghini” and just happened to click on an article (only clicked on 1 during the few hours I worked on it) about someone crashing their Gallardo. 30 minutes after that, a friend sent me the exact same article over chat, the only link that was shared with me that day.

– A friend was working on a former client’s site and needed help with a redirect that was happening. He looked through the theme and plugins and couldn’t find anything relevant. I told him I’d look. Just a few minutes after, I got distracted by cleaning out one of my local development installs. The first plugin I looked at, wondering “what does this do?” was the plugin that was causing the redirect I was asked about.

– This morning, I was working on a theme and adding ways a site owner can add images to posts. To test one of the posts, I added a short, wide image collage I made ~12 years ago of motion shots of an Acura Integra I used to own. Not an hour later, I was driving down that same road in Redmond, talking Anna and Georgia to their moms’ group. I drive on this road maybe once per year, at most.

The kicker? All three of these were sparked by WP development.



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