Green your tech: nice external drive made from recycled materials

I think I like this the most because of the design. The [re]Drive

The other benefit? It’s really eco-friendly. Some of the benefits include…

* Designed using recyclable aluminum and bamboo
* bamboo is steamed press using water only. No harsh chemicals or wood varnish are used.
* The aluminum enclosure is 100% recyclable
* Simplified eco-friendly package contains just the bare essentials to reduce waste
* No extra bags or inserts; the user guide is printed on the inside of the box and is also digitally stored on the drive
* Retail box corrugate is 100% recyclable
* Master carton is 100% recycled post-consumer content
* Protective external drive end caps are 100% recycled newspaper
* Energy-efficient design reduces carbon impact
* Energy StarĀ® Level 4-qualified power adapter offering up to 10% power efficiency improvement over our current model, and up to 30% greater power savings over non-Energy Star adapters

The list goes on and on… but that’s undeniably a good thing.

I do a lot to make sure my footprint is low and part of that is driven by conscious consumer product purchases. I’m not perfect but I try to research what I buy to make sure I’m not doing any unnecessary harm.

Taming your technology has to do, in part, with not affecting others. Wasting energy to fulfill your techno-fantasies is on-par with taking a 45-minute shower everyday. You have to ask yourself, is it really THAT enjoyable?


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