Ideas Dump: Part 1

Here are a few things that should exist:

  • I’m Stuck: a community for people that aren’t doing what they know they should do. Combine by problem type as specific as possible, built out hierarchically with submissions and moderation.

  • Ranking site for open source projects doing good things. Concentrate on first-time contributors and projects that support important causes. (edit: made the theme to run it)

  • Conversation finder: uses the content of a current page or a submitted URL to find relevant conversations on link submission sites. Would look through HN, Reddit, SU, Digg, etc.

  • Placard: leave public notes at specific locations on a map. Mobile app to place Placards right where you’re standing.

  • Ingredient lookup and product rating- take a photo of a list of ingredients or scan a barcode, then get a report of what’s in the product along with potential warnings. Could give you an overall score. (edit: close but not quite)

  • Uber for spa and salon professionals. Get your hair, nails, or waxing done at home and on-demand. Keeps track of schedules and recommends well-rated and open service providers.

  • Post Prompt: a simple app or plugin that gives you rated and curated post prompts right where you write. Relies on a main site of submitted and ranked prompts by a community.

  • Conversation parsing app. Records a conversation for archive and parses out data like websites, names, businesses, etc. Sends a report with everything it found along with possible misses.

  • Fab for Foodies. All the best food to buy online. (edit: made it, called it Premium Consumption)

  • Service to find cars you want to buy, both here and abroad

  • Instagram filter glasses: makes everything you do look way cooler (edit: exists now, 2.5 years after I wrote this down)

  • Incoming data and notification management platform. Comments, emails, social media pings, contact forms, social network messages/mentions, etc. Snooze everything at once, see it all in one place.

  • Grocery list app with store locator and prices
  • A software platform for assisting with customer development

  • Art giving or selling marketplace – reviews for sellers and artists, stats for pricing

  • Pop culture, hip-hop, social media word magnets

  • Catan replacement parts – both standard and theme-based. Also custom parts as well, if the manufacturing support it.

  • Remote control, off-road cooler; solar powered; “shoot to call”


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