WordPress Documentation

I created this section to help my users and clients use certain features and functions within the WordPress administration section. There is a lot of existing documentation out there but, in many cases, it’s out of date or there just isn’t enough. In other cases, I’m only using certain pieces of the system in my templates so the general descriptions aren’t helpful.

Some of this documentation is for pieces of a custom template so they may not relate to your situation. In that case, you’ll see a notice that this is not part of core WordPress. If enough people ask and there’s not already one available, I’ll create a plugin to add the functionality to any template.

This documentation assumes familiarity with WordPress but no technical background. As such, there is very little code in here and, where present, a good explanation of exactly what you’re doing. If you’re brand new in WordPress, you’ll want to start on the “Getting Started” page. This includes information on some of the terminology, how the system generally works, and installation instructions.

Using this documentation

I have included specific notes on some pages that will clue you into additional information you need to know or provide some needed context for that page.

This information box will appear to tell you that part or all of the information on that page is related to themes that have been developed for a specific purpose. It doesn’t mean that your theme isn’t capable, just that it may need to be modified to have that particular functionality.

This box means that the functionality described on the page will require a plugin to function (you’ll find a link at the bottom of the page).

This box is just additional important information.

This box means that there might be a problem or a potential hazard with the functionality being described.

On some pages, you might see two blocks of links, like the ones below. The top block of blue links point to resources not on this site that might be of additional help. The bottom block of grey links are sub-pages that contain more information on this site.