Controlling WordPress Comment Spam

This is a big, irritating topic, but an important one. It’s been written about many times, which is why this page is one part me and two parts curation of helpful information that’s already out there.

Popular CMS engines, like WordPress, Drupal, and others, are notorious for spam because they are popular. Once spammers figure out how to game a particular system, they can use it over and over on different sites with success. It’s easy to look at the HTML for a particular site and see that it runs WordPress. A vanilla WordPress install with no spam control and open comments is a spammers dream.

There are, however, a few things you can do to combat these evil time-wasters and take control of the discussion on your blog.

Step1: Turn on Moderation

I know, it’s a pain to manage all of that spam but if you allow all comments to show on your page, you’re going to get more spam than you would otherwise. The point of spam is to get links published and clicked on. If you don’t publish the links, they won’t come as often.

Step 2: Install and Register Akismet

The simple second step if you’re getting a lot of spam and you’re sick of managing it is installing and registering the Akismet plugin that comes with WorkPress. If you run a site that makes you money in any way, the right thing to do is to pay for it (they don’t ask for much money, maybe $25 per year) and, suddenly, your spam will be a small fraction of what it was before. If your time is worth anything, you need to do this.