Post Body and Post Excerpts

This is a quick topic but I think it deserves some explanation. WordPress has a nice way of dealing with both long and short post content, called Body content and Excerpt content, respectively.

When you first create or edit a page, you’ll be presented with a big content editor, covered in detail here. This is the Body content and will be displayed in full at a single URL on your site (like for this page). You’re given full control over the content and you can expect the content, in it’s entirely, to be displayed on its main page.

On pages that list multiple posts, some themes use an excerpt. An excerpt is just a shorter version of the main content and can be created a few different ways (keep in mind that some themes use excerpts differently so the items covered here may not be supported):

  1. You can use the Excerpt field on the post or page edit screen. If you can’t see this field, try clicking theĀ Screen Options tab on the top-right of any post or page edit screen. Pages, by default, may not have this functionality enabled in certain themes.
  2. You can create an excerpt using the first part of the post content. Put your cursor where you’d like to cut the content to cut off and click the “Insert More Tag” button. You should see a dashed line appear to indicate where the cut-off was placed.
  3. If not excerpt is created by a user, the first portion of the content is automatically used. You can modify how this excerpt works by using a plugin.

It bears repeating: different themes and plugins use excerpts differently so the steps above may or may not work as expected. If you find any issues with a theme or plugin created by JoshCanHelp or PROPER Web Development, please let us know.