Inspired by this, right now I’m:

  • Concentrating on WordPress and JavaScript development partnering with several agencies in the Seattle Metro area (location doesn’t matter). I really enjoy working on teams with focused, talented, and positive folks where I can help build solutions and assist developers to write excellent code.
  • I’m about 1 month out from being able to take on new projects. I concentrating on:
    • Extensive and innovative out-of-the-box WordPress projects (applications, social networks, very advanced content management, migrations, WP JSON API projects)
    • Single-page-applications built with JavaScript on top of WordPress or another backend.
    • Laravel framework projects (learning it now, very easy to pick up so far)
    • Speaking engagements (have not done enough of this over the last couple of years)
  • I’m really enjoying working with my hands, even if it’s as simple as mounting simple shelves I made. I finished our coat closet (hooks mounted to wood, painted) and working on a shop bench now. I find that switching between creating IRL and creating on the web is a fun mental shift and I often go back and forth between the two when I’m not on deadline. I have wood stain on my keyboard, no joke.
  • On that note, getting our home technology in better shape. As sexy as “the smart home” sounds, it’s clear that we’re a long way from the dream. I just got our home FreeNAS backup server back up and running, Time Machine working on both machines, backup sync working, CrashPlan covering all the rest, and Plex serving up music, photos, and videos. Next step: music throughout the house!