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Creating a functional, useable, linkable website: start and maintain a blog

I wrote a online learning project for Manning Publications called Federation and Single Sign-On with OpenID Connect! This is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn about digital identity, OpenID Connect, and JavaScript development. Read more about the project or buy it now!


There is nothing better for search results, returning visitors, and web loyalty than a useful and oft-updated blog feed. Some people aren’t familiar with blogs and what they can do so here’s a quick run-down.

A blog, in it’s simplest form, is just a feed of information in chronological order (the feed itself is call an RSS feed). It can be a personal journal, a list of work completed, an article distribution service, a book in parts, a photography collection, a news source, or anything else that would benefit from constant, up-to-date information.

A great business blog is updated regularly (daily, twice a week, twice a month), provides timely, relevant, useful, and unique information, and relates directly to the company or individual producing it. As an example, my blog is where I collect information about what I do, who I help, and thoughts about my industry and clients. It keeps my up-to-date on what I do and gives me a sense of reputation when people come to the site. It’s also great search engine fodder because Google, Yahoo, and the like look for sites that are updated regularly.

Blog posts can be short or long, include images or not, and be written by one person or a team of people. All you have to keep in mind is this:

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Feb 02, 2009

Free software and websites that really, really, really help me

The following computer-based implements have become so essential to me that I would pay good money to keep them. They happen, however, to be completely free.