Inspired by this.

Keeping a “now” page like this up-to-date probably means there is a concept of “then” floating around somewhere. I’m going to start keeping track of that here as well.

6/30/2017 – “Right now my focus is paring down. I sold my WP product business … not taking on any new client projects … archived most of the things I had on my list to work on.”

After reducing all of the professional clutter – trading it in for a “real job” I’m quite fond of – I started concentrating on the material and digital clutter around me. I’ve gotten rid of around half of the stuff I used to keep in my office and I’ll do another half more before the year is out. If this form of obsession appeals to you, I’d recommend Marie Kondo’s first book.

6/30/2017 – “I’m reading more, walking more, and spending more time with my family.”

I’m walking less, cycling more, and spending even more time with my family. We now live on Bainbridge Island now, a 35m ferry ride from downtown Seattle. It’s green, it’s quiet, and it’s exactly what we all needed. I miss easy access to Seattle family and friends, city bike rides, and great breweries but not traffic, noise, bridges, or owning a house.

6/30/2017 – “I’m also focusing on a single client right now which gives me the headspace to produce better work.”

I joined a fantastic company called Auth0 in January of 2018 and feel this ten times over. Being given the time to actually craft good software is refreshing in a way I needed. A lot.

I’m working less with WordPress and more with vanilla PHP and Node. I’m also picking up Ruby, writing tons of documentation, and solving problems. I miss SCSS and UI/UX but not SEO, analytics, or PhotoShop.