Inspired by this.

Right now my focus is paring down. I sold my WP product business last year, I’m not taking on any new client projects, and I’ve archived most of the things I had on my list to work on. I’m saying no to more “being in front of the computer things” and yes to more “being in front of friends, family, and trees and water and stuff” things.

I’m reading more, walking more, and spending more time with my family. I’m also focusing on a single client right now which gives me the headspace to produce better work.

I’m taking this time because I was starting to feel the very familiar inklings of burnout – lack of interest, heavy anxiety, depression. Usually I’d just back away for a few days and come back feeling a little better for a little while. This time I’m backing far away and trying to answer a question I can only now begin to approach: what’s it all for?