Daily rebirth

I wrote this about three years ago and sent it to someone who asked me who I was quoting. I thought I had lost track of it but I found it deep in my Hotmail account. I’m posting it hear partially because I’m proud of it, partially because I should be taking my own advice more often, and partially so I don’t lose it again.

Feeling perpetually impatient and involuntarily rushed, we are crushed by the idea of an impending end to the time given to us to finish our lifetime goals. Minute by minute we are tempted to scrutinize our productivity and achievement, comparing our own progress to those around us who seem infallible. In this fog of analysis and discontent we lose sight of a very important event: our daily rebirth.

Each day that we are granted is a chance to escape the condemnation of comparison and start anew on our way to who we know we can be. Every morning, light or dark we start a new path, mark a new beginning, become a new, different, wiser person subject only to our own judgment, compared only to who we were the day before. It is the concept of this vivification that is so important for us to understand in order to continue on the path of success that lay before everyone.

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