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Don't Screw Around with Your Finances

I have a lot of fun building things, both in and out of WordPress. I have even more fun watching great businesses perform better using the simple tools at their disposal. Being as web-centric as I am, this usually equates to online tools surrounding organization, conversions, search engine performance, and other website-related tasks. There is something that trumps your website, though, both in my mind and in reality.

Your business’s money.

How much do you know about how well your business is performing? If you had to correct your most critical financial problem right now, how would you do it? Do you even know what that problem is? How confident are you that your business will be around for the next 2 years? 5 years? 10 years?

What if there was someone you could talk to for an hour and get definitive answers to the questions above and a lot more? We’re talking no-punches-pulled, brutally honest, incredibly accurate information about your company’s financial situation. What if that meeting didn’t cost anything?

I think I have someone you should talk to…

The Business Ferret

It’s a funny name but it’s dead-serious financial information from a guy who can tell you more about your company’s performance in 5 minutes than you’ve ever heard in an hour.

That guy? It’s my dad, Dan Cunningham and he wants to help your business grow and thrive. He’s been helping companies out of near-catastrophe for decades and his care towards his clients is unmatched. What I’ve learned from him about management, business finance, and work ethic could fill a book or two but we’ll save that for another post or 10.

Already, of course, you’re weighing my glowing praise against the fact that I am completely biased. That’s fair, I can handle that. I’ve seen this system at work, talked to fanatical clients of his, and planned a business in less than half an hour. There just isn’t anything that compares. Once you’ve seen what’s possible using the Business Ferret, I think you’ll be almost as biased towards my dad as I am.


What is it?

The Business Ferret is a comprehensive monthly financial analysis of your company done “face-to-face” in a virtual meeting. These Ferret takes the regular numbers that come from your balance sheet and income statement and makes them tell you something you wouldn’t know otherwise.

The fact is, even if you have a very talented accountant or financial planner, they can’t see the whole picture. Revenue and cost of goods and business assets are all important but, for the most part, they’re just used for reporting to the IRS. Very little can be gleaned about the health of a company from those numbers alone.

The Business Ferret takes your data and brings them to life showing your performance up until now, your current standing, and where you’re headed. There is simply no comparison to the information you get from the Ferret.

Do I have your attention? Good, here’s how you can get started.

A free, 1 hour consultation

It’s time to sit down with the man himself. Using your complete financial data for the last 5 years (this can be taken from SEC records if you’re a public company or provided directly if you’re private), Dan will walk you through where you’re going wrong and how your problems can be fixed. The information you get in this hour will blow away anything you’ve ever heard before and it comes with no obligation whatsoever.

I’ve been walked through a few big, well-known companies and it’s fascinating to see where the big guys, ones with complete financial teams, slip up. From poor use of cash to risky debt portfolios to unproductive pricing schemes, seeing this data in full-color is a wake-up call to what can go wrong and how damaging it can be. There’s not one business out there that wouldn’t benefit from this analysis.

Give it a try

It’s hard to put into words exactly how much information you’re missing out on without this analysis. Seeing your finances laid bare is one-part wake-up call and once part complete relief. Once you know that you can’t be caught off-guard by your finances, you can make better decisions and start to think far more strategically than you’ve ever been able to before.

The ability to avoid disasters, grow sustainably, and accurately predict where you’ll be in 5 years is priceless. Don’t be in the dark with your money.

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