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Josh Can Help Is Alive!

I, Josh Cunningham, am starting a business, more or less by myself. You can tell that I’m serious about this because I already have a website. Take notes: website = serious stuff. That one’s free.

I should probably go one step further and say that I, Josh, have already STARTED this business. And made income on this business. Someone paid me already. See, serious stuff.

This business exists for one primary purpose: to make money doing the things that I really enjoy on a schedule that I create. A secondary purpose exists as well: to get better at the things I like to do to capitalize on that skill as well as to enjoy the output even more. A third and, appropriately, less important driving factor is also at play: I want to say that I did it. I like telling people that anything is possible and I like believing it as well.

To summarize as best as I can, I am putting myself out there as a Digital or Technology Coach. As much as I would love to stick my neck out and go with a solid “Web Developer” or “Graphic Design Artist” or “Marketing Assistant” (oh, I am that already, nevermind), I’m really not keen to pigeon-hole myself. That and I’d like to avoid artistic competition as much as possible… for the time being.

I’m trying NOT to write about what I’m capable of doing for people because that whole list is here. I’m also trying to avoid telling you about who I am and what I’ve done because that’s here. What I actually want to tell you in this post is what my honest intentions are in starting this business. If you are a potential customer looking to see why you should do business with me, these should help give you an idea of what kind of person I am and what to expect from me.

I WILL make myself as unbelievably useful to the people around me in a way that helps everybody get more done in their lives. I like to help people do what they want to do in life and make it easier for them to accomplish great things. I love to see people around me succeed and I love it even more if I had a hand in that success. I will learn more, do more, think more, and create more to boost up the people that I know.

I WILL conduct business in a way that preserves relationships I already have and build new, important relationships with people I never would have met otherwise. I will do this because I love genuine connections with people and understand that these connections are how we learn the really vital stuff about the world around us. I will also do this because word-of-mouth promotion does not begin with the word or the mouth, it begins with what is being talked about (the Social Object, if you will).

I WILL involve people as much as possible with my business and become as transparent as I can. As I build and create I will instruct and display. The most important skills I have I learned from other people and I intend to do the same for others as much as I can. Transparency breeds trust and trust is the foundation for good relationships of every type. My motives, finances, and processes are public domain and will remain that way as much as personal security will allow.

I WILL have as much fun as I possibly can doing this and everything else. As a functioning human being, I love to enjoy myself. I also find that I love to work but only if I can find a way to enjoy doing it. The services that I offer are not just things that I am interested in or skilled at in one way or another, they are things I enjoy doing. I will enjoy working for clients that choose me and make sure they do the same with me. I will seek out employees/partners that feel the same way that I do and can help me get the most out of my time will basking in the fruits of my labor.

I WILL to build financial security for myself and my family, however I choose to define “family” or “security.” Like my old business card said, “this is a business, not a science project.” I will price fairly, will accept financial loss to maintain relationships, and will always consider charitable pro bono work but I intend to build value and wealth in this business. I will not overspend unnecessarily, I will not pay for software that I can get for free (legally, of course), and I will not trick myself into thinking new clothing/cars/equipment is the silver bullet for a branding/training/management problem.

I WILL to uphold all of these to the best of my abilities.

Up next, what to expect from this blog as well as an introduction to features you may not be familiar with.

Thanks for listening and let me know if Josh Can Help.

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