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A Moment in Time During the Pandemic

The first time things started getting real for me during this Coronavirus pandemic was at the end of February. The pandemic had already started, though:

On 2/27, we had an update from our CEO at Auth0 that it was time to take things seriously. Anxiety was in the air personally but things don’t ever really seem real until business is interrupted somehow. Several updates followed:

From the NYT:

A person near Seattle has become the first coronavirus patient to die in the United States, health officials said Saturday. The person was a patient at a hospital [Life Care Center] in Kirkland, Washington.

We were planning for our monthly tech on-boarding in Bellevue and there was some inkling that the class might be cancelled. All the right people seemed unconcerned so we went ahead with it. There was an air of anxiety, though. This is a conversation between our office manger and myself 3/1/2020:

This, however, was going to be many people coming together having travelled from all over the world. At this point, a big part of me felt like it was scary and irresponsible to go ahead with it. Another part, though, really didn’t want this to be a thing. One of our trainers had recently travelled to Japan and was asked to self-quarantine. He trained virtually.

In the office, things seemed generally fine on Wednesday. Our office manager did not seem to concerned but there were a number of hand sanitizer bottles out (our last ones) and she was attacking everything with Lysol. I mentioned at the beginning of the class to avoid contact and we all implicitly agreed not to shake hands. No one seemed scared but there was a heavy air of anxiety since we were so close to the center of the outbreak in the US.

As the class proceeded, though, things got appreciably scarier:

I took this photo at the ferry dock in Seattle on the way back from my Bellevue training class, on the afternoon of 3/6. This was the last time I was on a ferry.

Things would progress soon after:

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