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My Answers for the 7 Questions to Ask a Social Media Expert

A post with a title like that definitely needs to come with a disclaimer so here you go:

Josh is not a social media expert, consultant, or maven. Josh is a social media/network participant, promoter, and fan.

I saw this post, “8 Questions You should Ask Your ‘Social Media Expert'” and I liked the thought process is sparked. I’m a big fan of posts that call people out for two reasons: 1) schadenfreude and 2) because, if I can answer a couple of them, I feel good. In an effort to make my professional life as transparent as possible, here is my $0.50 on the subject.

It should be said, if it wasn’t implied, that the questions below come verbatim from the link above. I omitted the 8th one because it was silly and I’m dead serious. That was a joke.

Can you give me an example of social media work you’ve completed for a client recently?

For the time being, the social media “work” I’m doing are just suggestions via email, phone, or in person. This is, incidentally, why I usually “consult” over lunch or coffee with colleagues, friends, or family.

With clients, my BREAKTHROUGH VICTORIES are as follows:

So, in short, I’ll help you understand it and give you a few ideas for the low, low price of an iced tea and an open mind.

How do you go about pitching bloggers?

I’ve never had to pitch a blogger before but I’m sure the time will come (in fact, I have a few in mind). I would/will do the following:

Gears are turning…

How do you monitor what people are saying about you?

I Google myself (still sounds dirty to me) and my business, of course. I also check up on Twitter search now and then. I haven’t signed up for alerts yet because it just feels egotistical.

For clients looking to monitor their brand, Google Alerts and Twitter Search are essential, of course. Trying the different search engines with various combinations of keywords is important (with spaces and without, misspelled, with “.com” or “.net”).

Where can I find you online?

I maintain a pretty solid web presence, half for networking and half because I really like to do it.

I think that about covers it!

Can you (ghost) write my blog for me?

Well, no, but thanks for the compliment. Here’s what I will do for you:

How do you measure results?

In the end, the only true measure is your ROI (whatever you’ve decided the return to be). If your goal was to sell more shirts and you’re selling more shirts by the time we’re done, that’s the result. If your goal was to connect with more people and you’ve got 500 followers on Twitter and have met up with a few groups of people, mission accomplished (in the true sense).

Concrete results, for me, come from:

How would you define social media?

Social media is social interaction surrounding submitted media. Vauge, no? The terms themselves are so vague that their definition, together could be anything. When clients/friends/family asks me what this “social media” thing is, I tell them…

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Mar 02, 2009

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