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Repo: Missed Search Log for WordPress

This was a customer feature that I open-sourced for anyone to use. A client of mine wanted to know what potential customers were searching on the site that would end up with no results.

Together, we created this plugin to track all search queries that returned no results on the site. Using this data, they were able to add new vendors and products based on what existing site visitors wanted.

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WordPress Open Source

Nov 16, 2016

Digital Detox

Before this, I wasn’t just losing time, I was actively harming my thought process for the rest of the time that I wasn’t distracting myself. All of this consumption, in the name of doing more and better, was robbing my ability to do just that.


Aug 09, 2016

Brewery Site Framework for Craft Beer Branding Gods

In one of those "meant to be" moments, I met the founder and president of the mind-bogglingly talented craft beer agency here in Seattle, Blindtiger. Oceania (Oce for short) invited me down to the office to talk shop and it just clicked.