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A beautiful day, a piece of pressboard, some Montana Gold, and an illustration

I finally got around to throwing up some paint with my man Pose2 and his graffiti class. It had been a while (couple months) since I last held a can and, because the last go-around was so disappointing, I was afraid it might happen again.

I’m never COMPLETELY satisfied with the outcome but I’m definitely internalizing the idea of taking my time, moving deliberately, and taking the artwork line by line. It’s very easy, with spray paint, to rush through things and end up with a sloppy, ugly piece. The timing and movement is critical to (a) avoid drips and (b) ensure line consistency. I find spray paint to be a frustrating but eye-opening medium to work with. You HAVE to allow for a certain level of messiness but you’re also aware that you can be very neat if you have the skills and patience.

Personally, I find more “zen” and enjoyment in the drawing. It’s interesting to me to have constraints (like letters) but be free to express them however I wish. I do much better with a pencil and pen than I do with a can of spray paint. To be honest, each time I finish a piece, I’m ready to give up on the aerosol portion of the artwork. Still, I keep coming back and, typically, I’m glad I did.

These pictures were taken by a professional photographer who showed up to snap a few. She showed Pose and I some of her other work on her iPhone (great way to carry around a portfolio) and we were blown away. She’s got a very broad talent and her composition was just fantastic. She really knows the angles! Thanks for the copies, Karin.

The rest are off of my phone so pardon the quality (or complete lack thereof).

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