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Blue Bottle Giant Steps

This is just a quick review since I bought this and promptly drank it quickly without thinking about taking notes. Unforgivable? Possibly, but I hope you give me the benefit of the doubt here.

These beans made a great cup of coffee but I wouldn’t call it “all things to all coffee drinkers.” This was a big, big cup of coffee, as the name suggests, so it’s the perfect pair for, say, a light pastry or a bowl of fruit. The flavor is powerful and, as their description states, a little “one-dimensional.” This isn’t a bad thing, per se, but means that the notes and complexities you might find in, say, a single-origin Colombia are not going to be present here.

What should you do with this coffee? This is definitely one for folks who use cream, it tones down the intensity and acidity just enough. I would serve this with something not-too-sweet, like a breakfast burrito or a hash/scramble of some kind. Putting sweet up against this brings even more of that flavor strength out, which this doesn’t need.

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Feb 09, 2015

Progress In January

In keeping with the theme of sharing my journey to eliminate goals, I wanted to share an update on how January went.


Jan 12, 2015

A Few Thoughts on WordPress Performance

"WordPress is a server hog" ... "WordPress keeps crashing" ... "You can't run a fast WordPress site" ... I've heard these kinds of statements over and over for years.