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New custom WordPress theme and structure at JoshCanHelp

I finally made the time to finish my site’s re-design and re-build. Part of me thought this would be a minor remodel with a new WordPress theme but, in the end, I re-did all of my page content and changed my whole organization.

I had two major goals with this site:

  1. Showcase my design and WordPress talents better
  2. Make it easier for people to find information about me and what I do


With this in mind, I sat down a few months ago and began writing out the plan for the site. I wanted an area to highlight work I’ve done for specific clients and a better representation of what I do. I wanted a simple, clean layout and to ditch the ever-present blog sidebar.


After settling on a structure, I went to work in Photoshop putting together a design. For whatever reason, I always find it tough to design websites for myself. It’s tough to balance what you want to say with how you want it to look. It was my chance to do whatever I wanted but I was still constrained by business sense and usability. I think the combination of being able to say anything and do anything makes the process harder. Design is about constraint, art is about freedom.

After I had settled on a look, it was time to get in and work with the code. Here are a few of the highlights:




Those are the main features with more to come. On the to-do list:


Comments are appreciated!

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Oct 06, 2009

What is Talent?

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