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Pleased To Announce a New Client Website Launched: EMASPro.com

I’m very excited to announce the culmination of a lot of planning, design, and coding. The site www.emaspro.com went live on Monday night without any major fiascoes, issues, meltdowns, or problems.


The goal of this site

The website team set out with a few goals in mind (listed in order):

  1. Increase sales leads
  2. Claim a better position in search engine ranking pages (SERPs)
  3. Create a better landing page for email campaigns and conference leads

To this end, the design and content of the site serves to drive visitors towards the Contact Us form (aka the request a demo form). The software being sold on this site is a large, campus-wide relationship management tool so the option to pay and download does not exist. Our goal is to convince people that we’re worth the time to check out, drive home a few salient points, and get them to call or email for a demonstration.

Information architecture to assist our sales lead goal

Since the goal was to funnel visitors towards the contact form, the site needed to avoid navigation confusion and always have the option to jump right to a contact form. Here’s what was done to achieve that goal:

Other features

A lot of time, energy, and planning went into building this site. This is easily the most well-planned, fully designed site I’ve ever built. A few things I’m really psyched about:

What’s next?

The site is not quite complete but needed to be launched. Here’s what’s just around the corner:

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May 11, 2009

The three things every business owner needs to understand about web sites

I find myself often explaining how a website works, what is needed to get one on-line, and what needs to be maintained. About half of the information I give is good to know and the other half is vital to protecting your business, your brand, and your security.


Apr 21, 2009

You can't go wrong with Fused Network hosting for small businesses

I have a fairly broad experience with shared hosting companies. Some are faster than others, some have goofy control panels, some have terrible service, and some are, well, pretty standard. Fused, however, is different.