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RESPONSE ABILITY: An art project to benefit the homeless around the world.

Cliff notes: Art deadline is January 14th (see below). Join us for the exhibition on Saturday, Jan 16th, at Voz Alta Art Gallery, 1754 National Ave, San Diego, CA 92113.

In the summer of 2008 I was given the opportunity to learn from a very talented and enlightened individual, Daniel Hopkins aka Pose2. Pose is a graffiti artist with decades of experience in his craft and since taking his class, he has remained my teacher, became a good friend, got on with Josh Can Help as a client, and soon to become immortalized on my wall.

Pose travels around the world taking on projects, teaching people, and spreading knowledge. He also does amazing things for global communities like beautification projects and teaching kids how to express themselves artistically. This time, however, he’s taking on a very important issue in a way that only he can.

I’ll let him explain this inspiration:

One day as I was driving…I stopped at a traffic light and gazed into the eyes of a homeless man and my feelings related to what I saw. He was impoverished physically, mentally and spiritually; every aspect of him was wretched. I felt his pain, despair. I was attracted to his pain, but wanted to ignore him. I was drawn to his loneliness but wanted him to disappear. I just wanted this moment to end; I wanted his presence to stop reminding me that I was alone just like him! He needed help and I wanted to RESPOND but not with money. This time I felt something deeper, a connection. Yes, his sign, all I could focus on was his sign and suddenly the Artist in me awakened and I said to myself, him and his sign are one. Just like any other business the sign is the representation of the business, RIGHT? I thought, what would happen if artists created signs for the homeless? Big, bright colorful, energetic signs with empowering words?



My overall Goal for this project is to organize an army of Artist, world-wide to create and sell 144,000 signs for the homeless. The distribution and sales of these elaborately painted signs will take place on the walls of international Art Gallery’s. Each show will be a one night only engagement and each painted sign will sell for the maximum price of $50.00. Here’s where it gets interesting. Each person who purchases a piece of art is encouraged to give this gift of art to a homeless person!

This act of engagement is the fuel and intention behind this entire project. It begins with the homeless and their despair, the artists recognizes their condition and responds with these powerful signs. The Art Gallery’s provide the space to sell these signs. Then its up to us, we the people, to purchase these works of art and ultimately offer them as gifts, to the homeless.

Addressing a problem as big as homelessness takes more than just money, it takes love, compassion, and understanding. Pose2 wants artists across the world to express themselves for a greater good. Let’s come together as a community and address this real problem.

Calling Artists of All Types

We want artists to use their talent and passion to make a difference. If you’re ready to do something for a greater good, listen up:

Get your signs ready and contact Pose2 to submit your work: Daniel.pose2fx (at) gmail.com or 619-278-1735. DUE DATE IS JANUARY 14TH.

Ready to Make a Difference?

We need everyone on this one. The vision is global but we must first start local. The first launching of this exhibition will take place on Saturday, Jan 16th, at Voz Alta Art Gallery, 1754 National Ave, San Diego, CA 92113.

A few photos from the event:

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