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Notes from Rock Your Code Reviews with Dr. Michaela Greiler

I attended a great webinar led by Dr. Michaela Greiler on code reviews. I had my own opinions going in, of course, but I learned a lot and had a number of questions that I had (and didn't know I had) answered.

< Notes >

Why do code reviews?

What are the pain points?

Successful reviews



Is it important for the PR itself to be small or does several small, incremental commits as a part of a single larger PR still burden-reducing?

Should test code be reviewed differently than functional code? Does that account for the suggested LOC maximum?

< Take-Aways >

This webinar could not have come at a better time. My team at Auth0 was taking a critical look at our review process and I learned a number of things that would be helpful for us to craft a better review process.

First, we gathered pain points from the team about our current process. We asked:

A few examples of what we got back:

As of this writing, we were still in the process of figuring out the details but the webinar was a big help in giving us perspective and approaches from other companies.

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