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Feb 14, 2021

Curiosity, Freedom, and Truth: My Path to Mindfulness

Despite still riding out this pandemic with young children, the last 5 months have been a different internal experience than any other I can remember because of mindfulness.

May 17, 2020

How we are teaching right now

This is not a guide on how to teach your child. I have not figured out how to do that with my own, let alone yours. This is just one family's story about trying, failing, and trying again.

Apr 25, 2020

Excellent piece on quarantine coping and much more

"It’s emasculating, to feel like this — to be completely useless in the final analysis. For your only means of helping to be by doing nothing."

Apr 04, 2020

A Moment in Time During the Pandemic

The first time things started getting real for me during this Coronavirus pandemic was at the end of February. The pandemic, however, had already started.

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