Trying to learn Photoshop? Here's what to concentrate on

A while ago (at this point, a long while ago) I asked a question on the Art & Design forums on (seems like an odd place to get advice but there are some very talented individuals). I was stumbling through Photoshop and wanted to know what I should learn next. With all the tutorial sites out there these days, the problem isn’t finding something to learn, it’s figuring out which skill to concentrate on.

So I asked the question, if someone was learning Photoshop and wanted to get the most out of their learning time, what should they learn? I left the poll open (hence the lens flare joke) and got a few interesting answers I wanted to share.

What should I learn in Adobe Photoshop?

I assumed that people would recommend learning the Pen tool and/or advanced path methods but, sure enough, the winner by far was “learn more about what the software is intended for.” Surprise surprise.

If this is interesting, you’ll probably find the whole thread to be useful as well: Most important Photoshop skill to learn and perfect

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