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Web strategy and resources links for July 31st

Once again, here are my Friday web strategy links. Lots going on right now and more to report soon but here are a few resources I found particularly relevant to me and what I do. Sometimes in amazing to me that I can even compile a list like this every week but I follow some great people on Twitter and find even more great stuff through Popurls. It’s all about information reservoirs!

10 low-cost, high-value Web 2.0 strategies [gone]

Some big tips and some small tips but some excellent concepts to think about. It’s very easy to get very lost in the buzz of social technology, mobile applications, and new techniques. This article lists some of the basics of website ROI and how to use it to your advantage. Also provides a handy PDF!

“Clearly there is something very different happening now. The Web is becoming the dominant platform.” Here’s our list of top 10 Web-oriented tools, technologies, and ideas that promise to deliver the most value at the lowest cost

Three Keys To Non-Profit Success In Social Media

I’m working on a web and social media strategy for an animal shelter in Washington state. It’s pro-bono mostly because I believe deeply in what they’re doing but partly because I have a lot to learn about this space. Jason Falls talks about the main things non-profits need to concentrate on to see success online. When I was reading his article, it all sounded like common sense but it definitely drove the point home. I come back to this article weekly to reinforce what we’re trying to do. For the record, his advice rings true for businesses if you replace “give” with “buy.”

The three keys to non-profit success, in my opinion, are: 1. Have a compelling story to tell. 2. Make a specific ask or establish a specific goal to reach. 3. Make it astonishingly easy to give.

CSS Sprite Generator

CSS sprites help your page load much faster by only accessing a single image (like the Google one above) instead of many. This only works for non-repeating images called as a background in your CSS file. For more info, see this A List Apart article and this Smashing Magazine post.

Twitter links

What makes a good logo: Good logos always have this certain feeling to them but it’s more than metaphysics at play.

Top 9 Services to Transfer Big Files: Email doesn’t typically work for anything over 10MB. Try one of these sites out for big file transfers.

Misunderstanding Markup: XHTML 2/HTML 5 Comic Strip: Very creative strip explaining XHTML2 and HTML5… I feel enlightened!

Carsonified » How to Make Your Web Design Stand out from the Crowd [gone]: Great overview of what makes good web design (hint: don’t follow trends!)

Are there any links you’ve found recently that you can’t live without? Anything you’ve learned from above? Let me know… I’m always looking for more bookmarks! [gone]

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Aug 04, 2009

3 things that help me to write quality content

I am fascinated by how people are able (or unable) to consume the amount of information that is available on so many topics. I am also perpetually interested in improving my own ability at presenting information.


Jul 31, 2009

I am an FFK... nice to meet you

FFK stands for Former Fat Kid. If you were fat in a previous life and have certain tendencies that make it tough to maintain weight loss then you’re an FFK.