“Effective Email Marketing Campaigns” Presentation

I was honored to be asked to come down to San Diego and speak to a room full of friendly college administrators, marketers, and professionals about email marketing campaigns. Everyone was plugged in and seemed to really enjoy the whole process, which made it that much more fun for me. My Google Docs presentation is below along with a few other resources, posts on my blog, and links to other sites that can help you make the most our of email marketing. A big thanks to EMAS Pro enrollment management software for giving me this opportunity!


As a quick aside…  it was great to really delve in on this topic and collect resources that people could use. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of “build list, send stuff,” completely ignoring what could be a powerful asset for any company. If you take your time, have an actual strategy, and remember who is on the other end of that email, you can create a strong, engaged list that will stick with you for a long time. If you just harvest names and emails and send them the first thing that comes to mind, you put your domain at risk and throw away something potentially very valuable.

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