All 53 Cocktails

I don't love cooking but I love making cocktails for myself and those around me. Over time, I've gathered a bunch of recipes from different places, modified them to my liking (or not), and kept track of the recipe. The two sections below are ones I've made and enjoyed on top and the ones that look good on the bottom.

General rules for making cocktails:

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Autumn Ash

Scotch Apple Brandy Elderflower Liqueur

Brave Companion

Bourbon Creme de Cacao

Cenote Sagrado

Mezcal Tequila

Dare I Say

Rye Whiskey Fernet Branca Sweet Vermouth Aperol

Debbie Don't

Tequila Amaro

End of Days

Tequila Campari

High Noon

Tequila Campari

Holiday Punch v1

Large Batch Brandy Sparkling Wine

Holiday Punch v2

Large Batch Brandy Peach Schnapps Sparkling Wine

Hot Toddy v1

Bourbon Allspice Liqueur

Hot Toddy v2

Brandy Cognac Ginger Liqueur

Italian Apple

Amaretto Apple Liqueur Vodka


Gin Campari Cointreau

Maguey Sour

Mezcal Benedictine Orgeat


Rye Whiskey Bourbon Sweet Vermouth

Maple Leaf

Bourbon Rye Whiskey Nocino


Tequila Mezcal IPA

Mint Julep


Miss Scarlet

Gin Cynar Maraschino Liqueur

Modern Mai Tai

Rum Orgeat Cointreau

New Friend

Rye Whiskey Aperol Cocchi Americano

Northern Lights

Gin Sparkling Wine

Not an Old Fashioned

Bourbon Maraschino Liqueur Cointreau

Old Cuban

Rum Sparkling Wine


Tequila Mezcal

Pear It Up

Rye Whiskey Bourbon Cardamaro Pear Brandy


Rye Whiskey Ancho Reyes Amaro Sweet Vermouth


Scotch Rye Whiskey Maraschino Liqueur Punt e Mes

Ritz Cocktail

Cognac Cointreau Maraschino Liqueur Sparkling Wine


Old Fashioned Rye Whiskey Bourbon Absinthe


Cognac Cointreau


Bourbon Aperol Amaro

The Offering

Tequila Amaro

Third Man

Bourbon Campari Gomme Syrup


Bourbon Ancho Reyes Aperol

Vieux Carre

Rye Whiskey Cognac Brandy Sweet Vermouth Benedictine

Walnut Manhattan

Bourbon Punt e Mes Nocino


Bourbon Allspice Liqueur