Paris 13

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Feb 13, 2013

Tips, tricks, and advice for visiting Paris

These are a few things that we found and enjoyed in and around Paris during our 2 month stay there in 2010.

Oct 18, 2011

Great Content Is Like a Produce Stand in Paris

You're just another blog out there but with a little creativity and some care for the people coming through, you can be just what someone needs at just the right time.

Nov 08, 2010

Back home and feeling great

Just a quick update for everyone.... we're back on the West Coast after too many trains, a wonderful stop in Amsterdam, a much-needed catch-up with great friends in New York, and 3 flights. We're now safe, sound, and comfortable with friends in San Diego getting caught up and getting our affairs in order.

Oct 25, 2010

Staying positive

We are stuck in (beautiful) Toulon because of train strikes (and bus strikes and no rental cars) and this fact makes enjoying this beautiful part of the country more difficult than it could be.

Oct 14, 2010

The Strikes

We saw a strike parade in Dinan, France and it had a good energy to it. People were chanting a bit, walking slowly through the streets, showing their support for the opposition to a change in the retirement age.

Oct 06, 2010

Cause for Alarm?

I was informed that Europe was on alert and later learned that the State Department probably would be releasing an alert. A quick news search found countless articles about heightened security, new intelligence, and possible targets.

Sep 24, 2010

Reims - You Want To Go To There

Get comfortable, grab a glass of something cold, white, and bubbly, and let me tell you about our day trip to a great little town called Reims.

Sep 17, 2010

Miles to go before we sleep

Paris is a walking city. Someone told me that before I left San Diego and they were completely correct. If you can’t get there by foot, you walk to the Metro and take the train.

Sep 06, 2010

Slowly but surely, I think we're starting to fit in

With a haircut by a French barber and just enough French to get by, I’m claiming honorary (though temporary) status as a Parisian.

Aug 25, 2010

The unfamiliar and wonderful life we now lead

Let me tell you a little bit about this strange, wonderful, and very Parisian life we’ve made for ourselves here. We live in the 9th arrondissement in an area known as Montmartre (or, as we learned from the owner’s son, “the Nine”).

Aug 21, 2010

I see London, I see France

Determined to make the most of our time in London, we dug the sweaters and raincoats from the bottoms of our suitcases and bravely ventured into the cold and rain. We did as the locals and drank room temperature pints on mid-afternoon sight-seeing breaks.

Aug 13, 2010

Leaving San Diego

I’m sitting here at LAX wondering how I can communicate how intense this last week has been. I don’t think I can ... and I don’t think it matters. Still, let me share what our final week in San Diego had in store for us.

Aug 01, 2010

And so it begins - planning, preparation, and PayPal

I decided to start this little travel blog of sorts to share the newlyweds’ adventures across a few different countries. Imagine my surprise when my very private and, at times, very shy wife seemed almost more excited than I was.